Chessie The Cat

My Beautiful Russian Blue

Chessie was born on April 24th, 2017 at Harvest Mountain Russian Blues. I brought him home when he was 10 weeks old. On the day I was to pick him up from the breeder, there was accident and he broke his back left leg! I met the breeder at the vet, where they splinted him up before sending him home with me. He spent the next 3 weeks in a cast. He has recovered completely and is the most awesome cat I've ever had! I've posted some of my favorite Chessie pics on this page. You can also check out some pics of Chessie's parents right here.

First pic with me, at the vet. July 2017.

Chillin' in the sink, July 2018.

So pathetic with that big cast!

Chilling me with on the couch.

Trying out his new kitty condo!

A visit to my mom's house.

Chessie Snoozing

So Blue. So Cute.

Chilling on the stairs.

Raiding the fridge!

So Striking!

Pretty Kitten!

A new box! January 2018.

Doing his best impression of Chessie The Cat

Snuggle time!

Snoozing. January 2018.

Pouting after being scolded.

Done pouting! Ready to play!

Happy Cat. February 2018.

On the heating vent, Fall 2019

Chessie and Dad. July 2017.

Surprise! 2019

Sun time! Fall, 2019

Curly-Q Kitty. 2019

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